Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Learn how to have a Smaller Impact on the Environment

Collectively, small lifestyle changes can make a huge impact on the environment–and your life. Looking for happiness and health? What’s good for the environment is also, it turns out, great for you. Visit this website to learn about the No Impact experiment and to get tips on how you can have less impact on the environment.

Visit noimpactproject.org.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

8 Reasons Wall Street Loses Another 20% in This Decade

You cannot win at Wall Street's "Loser's Game." The past decade proves it. The house always wins in Vegas and on Wall Street. So why bet on the house? Why bet with the Wall Street casino for another decade? Why? You're betting in a rigged casino. Worse, they keep adding powerful new tools, scams and algorithms to their "financial weapons of mass destruction" arsenal, as Warren Buffett calls this mysterious $670 trillion global shadow banking world of derivatives. You cannot win.

Statistically, the odds now predict Wall Street losing another 20% of your money in the next decade. The momentum's headed down. So, what should you do? Sell all your stocks, ETFs, bonds and funds. Get out of commodities and gold. Sell.

Read the article by Paul B. Farrell.